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World's 1st Brand Of Glam Vegan Products With Collections For Both People + Pets

Vegan Is Glam Here At Mettalusso.

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I KNOW That Skin Health Supports Mental Health. That is my Mission. I created Mettalusso as the world's 1st company with vegan products that are glam and affordable for you and your fur baby. Metta means LOVE + Lusso means LUXURY!

Christine C. Oddo founder of Mettalusso the world's first ever brand of vegan glam for people and pets. Celebrity product developer in beauty and fashion
Emmy Award Winning Actress and Makeup Artist Victoria Konefal and Natalie Thimm use Mettalusso Glam Vegan Makeup

Did You Know There Is A Difference Between Skin CARE and Skin TREATMENT? Asked At A Dinner Party - why- Mettalusso Skincare Is Different? My Mission- Better Performing Makeup Through Vegan Primers. Check The Collection.

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Customers LOVE Mettalusso!

MASTER BLENDER: This pressed formula is literally my go to for work right now!!! I work with high intensity lighting and end up shiny half way through the day, but this gives me a flawless glow while controlling shine and oil!!!

Carina P.

MIST: The best, I love it. @shalie_makeup

Nashalie M.

Vegan Luxury Clean Collection:  I love this line of beauty products! Every product is innovative and wears beautifully. @christyrobbins

Christy R.

MASTER BLENDER: It's a really silky, fine and blendable face powder @claireelizabethslade

Claire S.

MIX THIS: Love their foundation coverage! So soft and smooth.

Hunoor S.

MIST: Yes, it works! Really enjoying my makeup remover. Gentle and effective. @hhbertea

Hyla B.

MIST: The best stuff on earth. @thebeautytherapistmua

Donna L.

Detail Makeup Brush: Thank you for the brush. @beau.tybymaddie

Maddie D.

MIX THIS: I love it. @marthastanley

Martha S.

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Mettalusso Pet Grooming Products and Treats for Dogs and Cats Vegan
Misteee by Mettalusso Balanced Makeup Cleanser Oil Free with Skincare Complex

MISTEEE Revolutionary Vegan Makeup Cleanser

Mettalusso Primer + Skincare vegan Bonding Formula for Makeup


Our most intense high performing vegan product ever! MAKEUP MANAGER creates a first-of-kind bonding sensation between your skin and makeup. It stabilizes your makeup, manages your complexion and creates longer-lasting color cosmetics. Driven by botanical ingredients this incredible multi-tasking formula creates a bonding sensation between your skin and your makeup look.

Medleee by Mettalusso Fruit Enzyme Minute Mask

MEDLEEE Fruit Enzyme Mask

Mettalusso Master Blender Primer and Skincare Glam Vegan for all skin types


MUSEEE by Mettalusso Minute Mask that clears pores

MUDEEE Double Clay Mineral + Botanical Mask

Mettalusso MAY SPRAY Skincare Toner Multi Task Treatment

MAY SPRAY Multi Tasking Toner

Master Blender Powder by Mettalusso vegan natural illuminating powder

MASTER BLENDER Illuminating Powder

MOXIE ME Precision Eyeliner

MIX THIS by Mettalusso Creme Makeup to highlight color contour and cover

MIX THIS Creme Makeup

Mettalusso MATITA Eye Color Sticks

MATITA Eye Color Sticks

Many Ways by Mettalusso Vegan Sheer Metallic Multi Use Makeup

MANY WAYS Sheer Metallic Glam

Mettalusso Micro Matte Vegan Pressed Finish and Foundation Powder

MICRO MATTE Foundation + Finish Powder

Mettalusso Glam Vegan Beauty Animal pH formulas! Dogs + Cats. Safe for Puppies + Kittens + Seniors.

Mettalusso MORE Vegan Pet Cleansing Cloths

MORE Vegan Pet Cleansing Cloths

Mettalusso MORE Pet Grooming Brush

MORE Pet Grooming Brush

Mettalusso MORE Vegan Pet Mousse Shampoo

MORE Vegan MOUSSE Shampoo

Mettalusso is Glam Vegan Beauty

Influencers Love Mettalusso (and we love them back!)

@itzlotoya wears Mettalusso Vegan Glam Beauty MATITA COLOR STICKS

MATITA Vegan Glam Color STicks

Buy MATITA Vegan Glam Color Sticks
Influencers love Mettalusso Vegan Priner Makeup


Loved by @allisonguerrettaz MASTER BLENDER Primer is our newest in the line-up vegan makeup + skincare with hyaluronic acid and anti-oxidants.

MANY WAYS vegan sheer metallic makeup by Mettalusso

MANY WAYS Sheer Metallic Makeup

Loved by @berlinburgess MANY WAYS Vegan Sheer Metallic Makeup can be worn on the eyes + face + lips.

Buy Many Ways
MOXIE ME Vegan Eyeliner by Mettalusso

MOXIE ME Mineral Pigment Long-Wear Eyeliner

Loved by @amandamleon MOXIE ME Vegan Eyeliner is deep intense mineral based pigment in a super control felt tip applicator.

BUY Moxie Me

MOXIE ME Precision Tip Eyeliner

Donna Lauro Mettalusso influencer on Instagram @thebeautytherapistmua

Mettalusso Believes Skin Health Supports Mental Health

Original Entertainment Too!

Mettalusso is more than just product. We are also original entertainment.  Featuring Mettie + Lunah Lusso. Catch them in their lives thru our episodes in MOMENTS along with their pets Manfred, Molly and Moon!

Mettalusso Original Entertainment. Have Fun with Our Moments- featuring Mettie + Lunah Lusso

MORIIS Medical Technology. We Are Creating An All New Medical Skin Treatment

MISSION: Good Skin