Mettal Means Love. Lusso Means Luxury

Skin Health = Mental Health. Created by Celebrity Product Designer Christine. Now on a Mission for You and Your Furbaby. Mettalusso is the World's 1st Brand Created For Both People + Pets.

Mettalusso MAJOR PENCIL vegan shimmer stick is instant glam for eyes and face. get a free metro dual chamber sharpener with each order


One swipe and get instant day or night shimmer glam. Use MAJOR PENCIL on eyes and face! Special on now- you receive a free METRO dual sharpener with each order!

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It was me behind the scenes! Now my Mission is for You and Your Furbaby. I created the Kat von D Makeup Collection for Sephora. Managed the Kardashian's first ever skincare collection. Marketed the Denise Richards Haircare Collection- and made so much product for so many big and small fashion + beauty companies.

You Saw My Work On TV

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