Mettalusso founder Christine C Oddo explains why she knows that foundation makeup is a part of the biggest beauty myths.

Why Foundation Is A Part Of The Biggest Beauty Myth

Foundation is a part of the biggest beauty Myth ever. I know there is no such thing as '1 perfect shade' it's part of the reason why buying foundation can be so frustrating. (and expensive) MIX THIS removes that frustration. Any day you need to change up that foundation shade- all it takes is a drop.

You can also add it to ANYTHING you already have! Save money. Have greater freedom with your current products. We are not the same person with the same exact complexion everyday, so how can there be only 1 perfect shade?

Another benefit? Use MIX THIS to cover, highlight and contour too. Now you are using ONE formula for your entire look. This means your #makeuplook will last longer too! You are already highlighting and contouring- but by using different formulas for each step is one of the reasons a look fades, separates and does not last.

Vegan is always glam @mettalusso come see how it's done. creator @thechristinereport (on IG) #celebritymakeup designer now on a mission for you and your #furbaby

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