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Mission: Make A Non Oily Eye Makeup Remover

MISTEEE by Mettalusso is Non Oily Makeup Remover for Eyes
So frustrated with oily eyes, I had to create a new solution to taking off eye makeup. It became my mission to develop a product that was oil free, that really worked and felt comforting. This is it. MISTEEE

@itzlotoya Celebrates with Mettalusso Vegan Eye Color

@itzlotoya and Mettalusso do Glam Vegan Clean Beauty in MATITA Color Sticks
Looking this good, oh yes, we celebrate......@itzlotoya on Instagram + TikTok is fabulous in in Mettalusso Vegan MATITA Eye Color Sticks. Vegan Bea...

Fashionista Kayla + Furbaby Tucker!

Mettalusso all real food baked dog treats in Blueberry and Turkey. Fashionista Kayla and her dog Tucker review them
Kayla + Tucker are so cute. Tucker loves his Mettalusso 100% all real food Blueberry Baked Treats! 

You Know You Want This Free Mettalusso Makeup Brush

Mettalusso Free Makeup Brush Vegan Glam Makeup Brand
No Boring Ol' Newsletters Here! Sign up for Mettalusso LOVE LETTERS and Get Your Free Makeup Brush. C'Mon, be a LOVER!

Mettalusso Vegan Makeup Review From the Beach!

Mettalusso Vegan Makeup Review From the Beach!

We Love This! Life is everywhere. @berlinburgess is on the beach with her family and shares MANY WAYS. She shows how lovely and natural this Vegan Glam Product looks everywhere and anywhere.

Influencers Influence US!

Influencers Influence US!
Our Influencers Influence Us!!! #gratitude to @kaylee_benoit18 for showing Mettalusso how its done. She Calls herself "The One Handed Influencer" We call her "Pretty Amazing".

Your Makeup Cleanser Should Be This Refreshing

Mettalusso Vegan Clean Beauty Makeup Cleanser is This Refreshing
So over oily makeup removers? Hate cleansers that dry out eyes and skin? Same here. Your makeup cleanser should feel refreshing and beautiful. Not stripping and exhausting. MISTEEE is Vegan, Oil Free and Formulated with an EU compliant clean beauty Skincare complex. Cleanse, Fortify, Calm, Refresh. MISTEEE. $5 off with code 'Love' Free standard shipping in the US. 

Revolutionary Makeup Cleanser Created by Women!

Mettalusso and MIST created and manufactured by women celebrating women's history month
Celebrating Women's History Month. This revolutionary makeup cleanser was created by women! Vegan and Skincare Complex and Oil Free!

Revolutionary Way to Cleanse Makeup by Mettalusso!

Mettalusso MIST Revolutionary Vegan and Oil Free Makeup Cleanser with Chamomile

This is beautiful soothing chamomile! It's one of the natural ingredients in our skincare complex.

MIST - a revolutionary spray makeup cleanser.
Vegan. Oil free means no greasy leave-behind on your eyes!
Gentle. Use it on your eyes + face + makeup brushes too.
Brushes restored to their gorgeous fluff.
Free standard shipping in the US. Code 'Love' for $5 off
Mettalusso. Metta is Love. Lusso is Luxury.

Positive Social Impact by Mettalusso

Mettalusso Crowdfunding Campaign Medical OTC Skincare Product

Skin issues can affect everyone and anyone. I have spent decades in my career creating beauty products and highly technical skincare. The emotional strain and burden on someone's psyche from having to deal with it is very real.

There is a lot of opportunity for major innovation in topical skincare! I am currently developing an all new medical topical treatment that will help so very many people!

Its a very exciting project and I hope you can join in this journey.

MISSION: Good Skin

#gofundme has begun! Contributors do receive a free gift of #skincare or #petcare product from my brand Mettalusso.

Creating Positive Social Impact. Skin Health = Mental Health = Public Health.

Affordable. Accessible. Non-Prescription!

Acne. Rosacea. The Real Costs. Mettalusso Creates New Medical Skincare

Mettalusso creating new medical skincare product

Rosacea. Acne. What are the real costs? Skin Health = Mental Health = Is Public Health. There is pharmaceutical level prescription only product to aid in the effects these have on our skin - but there is no such thing as an inexpensive and simple topical product available at retail.

WHY? Its the system.

Until now. Mettalusso is developing the first ever mass market and affordable easy-to-use topical medical product.

The crowdfunding campaign has launched at

Kickstarter and GoFundMe coming soon!

Vegan Clean Beauty Gentle Enough for a Kitten

Mettalusso Vegan Clean Beauty Foam Wash gentle Enough for a Kitten
World's 1st Brand of Vegan Clean Beauty with Products for Both People + Pets.
Gentle enough for kittens. No Water Needed Foam Wash.
Mettalusso MORE Pet Collection
Free Standard Shipping in the US. Enter Code 'Love' for $5 off.