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@Spin.Live - Join Mettalusso in Live Selling!

@Spin.Live - Join Mettalusso in Live Selling!

Mettalusso is now on Spin.Live To all the amazing, lovely, incredible, talented and professional Influencers we have had the privilege to meet- check this out! Sell with us live via your phone app. Spin.Live manages the transaction.

Set up your account, then please reach out in the system so we can get you started ! 

1st of Kind Makeup Cleanser

Mist by Mettalusso is a first of kind spray cleanser with skincare complex

Inspired by all of the ways you can use MIST! It's a revolutionary spray cleanser that activates into a micro-foam. Spray directly into your palm or on a pad.

Use it to:

-remove eye makeup

-cleanse your face

-clean and restore makeup brushes

-conditions and tones with skincare complex formulation

-oil free formula balances if you cleanse twice

-vegan, EU compliant ingredients

Amazing product that will be your must-have! Free shipping always in the US. Enter code 'Love' for $5 off.

Mettalusso. Metta means love. Lusso means luxury.

Eyeliner Tutorial Mettalusso Shares Series

Mettalusso Shares Instant Makeup Tips with Our Influencers Vegan Look with Eyeliner

A new Mettalusso Shares Series with our #beautyinfluencers giving the best instant #makeup tips and #makeupoftheday looks!
Daytime drama never looked better. @thebeautytherapistmua professional #makeupartist shows how to give the perfect balance of day + bold with a #beauty look made for everyone.

Donna is a serious pro and books for events in her NJ location and donates to #charity for those facing the consequences of a #breastcancer diagnosis. We love her for all she does!

Very #grateful our Vegan Dual Tip Eyeliner Pen is included in her #makeuplookoftheday

You can get an instant $5 off this #eyeliner by entering code 'Love'. Free Shipping in the US.

Eyeliner Inspo Yesssss!

Mettalusso Vegan Dual Tip Felt Eyeliner tutorial by makeup artist on instagram
This is what makes super influencers the best. @muajazmine on IG has such an incredible touch. Love this tutorial as she uses shades that maybe you would not go for everyday and makes it so real. Watching this, you say to your self- 'hey I can do that"! This is what makes the inspo so special. This is what the beauty community and influencers can do for us on any given moment, on any given scroll.

Vegan Clean Beauty is Luxury + Glamour at Mettalusso

Mettalusso Vegan Clean Beauty ais Luxury and Glamour. Mettalusso Shares Series by ourMakeup Artist Martha Kushter
Mettalusso Shares Series with Instant Makeup Tips from Our Makeup Artists and Influencers. We love @marthastanley on IG and Kushter Beauty on YouTube (check her out, awesome tutorials!) for sharing our MASTER BLENDER VEGAN Pressed Illuminating Powder and also our MULTI Dual App Vegan Mascara! Our makeup is vegan clean beauty with an edge of luxury and glamour.

Your Cat Hides from Being Brushed?

Mettalusso MORE Pet Collection features Glossy Brush designed to reduce at home grooming anxiety for cats and dogs..

Your Kitty Furbaby afraid of being groomed? Does it hate the brush? Mettalusso Glossy Brush is designed to fit in the palm of your hand. Brush your cat as if you are petting it and help the fear go away. The special short yet flexible bristles are made to help restore the natural glossy sheen without tugging and discomfort.

Mettalusso MORE Pet Collection. Because the love between people and pets is real.

Mettalusso. Metta means Love. Lusso means Luxury.

Free Shipping Always in the US. Enter code 'Love' for an instant $5 off!

On Set with @makeupbytatjana - Entertainment Back in Production!

Mettalusso on movie set with Professional Makeup Artist @makeupbytatjana

@makeupbytatjana is a hero of entertainment production. This is how the makeup pros have to suit-up for work now! Congratulations on going back to work and #gratitude for making it happen. Such great news that production is starting to happen again.

We are privileged to be a part of the effort with our MASTER BLENDER Vegan Illuminating Pressed Powder. Very cool thank you so much for including Mettalusso in your tool kit. We love supporting you anyway we can!

Get Poolside Chic- Mettalusso Shares Series for Instant Makeup Tips

Mettalusso Shares Series for Instant Makeup Tips
Its scorchin' outside and the best accessories might just be a swimming pool and the perfect hat!
@thebeautytherapistmua serves up perfect pool chic with her dewey look and fabulous flicker of clear-blue sky eyeliner.
Another Mettalusso Shares Series for instant makeup tips!
Our MULTI VEGAN MASCARA gives just the right amount of natural emphasis and we are so #grateful for this #makeuplook -and for including us in her Mettalusso BOLD NATURAL #style!

New Product Coming Soon- Luxury + Glamour Vegan Clean Makeup Announcing MANY WAYS

Many Ways Metallic Shine Vegan Clean Makeup by Mettalusso

A little bit boring. Sorry but when Mettalusso checks what's out there in vegan clean beauty....(hope not to offend)...just seems it needs some Luxury + Glamour. No pale pink or boring white packaging here! Mettalusso is Luxury + Glamour in Vegan Clean Beauty. 

Announcing MANY WAYS multi-wear makeup. You can wear this stunning metallic shimmer stain on your lips + eyes + face. Layer up for more color. Combine with other makeup to alter the texture and shade. Water based. Feels soothing and cooling upon application.

This makeup is truly so beautiful. Like YOU! Shade #3 shown here. Light neutral soft brown.

Coming Soon! Sign up for our Love Letters for exclusive announcements and get a free makeup brush too!

Happy National Lipstick Day! XOXO Beauty Community from Mettalusso

Happy National Lipstick Day! XOXO Beauty Community from Mettalusso

Happy Lipstick Day! XOXO #beautycommunity Was this you? Was constantly in my Mom's makeup. Drove her crazy.

@beau.tybymaddie Shares Mist by Mettalusso

Beauty Influencer @beau.tybymaddie shares Mist by Mettalusso
The most fabulous #beautycommunity ever! #gratitude to @beau.tybymaddie for her awesome demo of MIST our revolutionary spray cleanser! It's revolutionary with the micro foam spray and skincare complex that conditions and cleanses at the same time. Oil free, SLS free. Get $5 off now. Try this vegan #cleanbeauty #makeupremover with free shipping always in the US. Enter code 'Love" for your discount.

Mettalusso Shares Series for Instant Makeup Tips- Find Your Alter Ego

Mettalusso Shares Series on Instagram MULTI Dual Tip Vegan Eyeliner

Mettalusso Shares Series. Instant Makeup Inspiration. Love and appreciate what @muajazmine is giving us lately. She shows us the way to just be yourself- while also fearlessly expressing her alter ego.

Meet alter ego "Chloe" with cool spring green lips and a bit of artistry using our MULTI Dual Tip Vegan Eyeliner.