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Influencers Are Test Pilots!

Mettalusso Glam Vegan Makeup Manager Primer with Skincare Coming Soon Thanks Our Influencers
Makeup Manager is A LIQUID Primer that is completely filled with VEGAN skincare ingredients. We were tired of primers that actually cause slip, not stay!
Makeup Manager is totally different. It creates a bonding-like sensation between your skin and makeup. Our GLAM liquid formulation creates a no texture feel and look. No excessive fillers between 

The Queen of Love + Inspiration Review Our MASTER BLENDER PRIMER!

Master Blender Primer by Mettalusso Review

Multi-hyphenate talented @aliciahartwell reviews our MASTER BLENDER Primer!

Glam Vegan Formula for all skin types. Neutral for All Skin Tones too! Power up your complexion with the skincare complex of Hyaluronic Acid, Botanicals + Anti-Oxidants. Power up + hold your color makeup longer with its sheer color + stabilizing properties.

Free Makeup Brush at Mettalusso

Mettalusso free makeup brush when you join Love Letters
Join our LOVE Letters NOW! Fun, wonderful deals on makeup, skincare and pet grooming products and original entertainment too. What more do could we...

Mettalusso Masks Help Cellular Turnover

Mettalusso Vegan Exfoliating Mask MEDLEEE

This is why you need Mettalusso Masks. Mettalusso has 2! Cellular Turnover Slows Drastically as Our Skin Matures.

Look Up for the Waterline Eyeliner Tutorial by @amandamleon!

Look Up for the Waterline Eyeliner Tutorial by @amandamleon!
Look Up! @amandamleon takes us on the Mettalusso MATITA waterline eyeliner journey where we all can use a little practice.
The Waterline! Brava! She does it fearlessly for us Live-as we know this is not an easy move.

Vegan Makeup Cleanser-Misteee is for Face + Eyes + Brushes

Mettalusso Vegan Makeup Cleanser Oil free Misteee is for Face Eyes and Brushes
Vegan Micro Foam Technology. Makeup Cleanser for Eyes + Face + Brushes. Vegan. Oil Free. Refreshing Skincare Complex conditions and strengthens. Gl...

Mission: Make A Non Oily Eye Makeup Remover

MISTEEE by Mettalusso is Non Oily Makeup Remover for Eyes
So frustrated with oily eyes, I had to create a new solution to taking off eye makeup. It became my mission to develop a product that was oil free, that really worked and felt comforting. This is it. MISTEEE

@itzlotoya Celebrates with Mettalusso Vegan Eye Color

@itzlotoya and Mettalusso do Glam Vegan Clean Beauty in MATITA Color Sticks
Looking this good, oh yes, we celebrate......@itzlotoya on Instagram + TikTok is fabulous in in Mettalusso Vegan MATITA Eye Color Sticks. Vegan Bea...

Fashionista Kayla + Furbaby Tucker!

Mettalusso all real food baked dog treats in Blueberry and Turkey. Fashionista Kayla and her dog Tucker review them
Kayla + Tucker are so cute. Tucker loves his Mettalusso 100% all real food Blueberry Baked Treats! 

You Know You Want This Free Mettalusso Makeup Brush

Mettalusso Free Makeup Brush Vegan Glam Makeup Brand
No Boring Ol' Newsletters Here! Sign up for Mettalusso LOVE LETTERS and Get Your Free Makeup Brush. C'Mon, be a LOVER!

Mettalusso Vegan Makeup Review From the Beach!

Mettalusso Vegan Makeup Review From the Beach!

We Love This! Life is everywhere. @berlinburgess is on the beach with her family and shares MANY WAYS. She shows how lovely and natural this Vegan Glam Product looks everywhere and anywhere.

Influencers Influence US!

Influencers Influence US!
Our Influencers Influence Us!!! #gratitude to @kaylee_benoit18 for showing Mettalusso how its done. She Calls herself "The One Handed Influencer" We call her "Pretty Amazing".