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Mettalusso Influencers Are Like Angels

Mettalusso glam vegan makeup look by influencer @muajazmine

Our influencers are like angels. Their beauty just floats in and amazes. @muajazmine is ahead of all of us and already thinking we need some Valentine's Makeup Inspo!

Featuring Master Blender Powder and Many Ways Sheer Metallic Makeup

Mettalusso Makeup Manager At Work

Mettalusso vegan Primer is Makeup Manager

Of all my latest newest products @mettalusso, this one I am especially proud of. I am showing here how it works.

I could not wear Primers that caused surface slip. Many love them, but just did not work for me. So, I created Makeup Manager because it creates a bonding element between makeup and the skin.

  • Foundation performs so much better!
  • Color is more vibrant and less touch ups through out the day.
  • Also, it's full of skincare ingredients including peptides, so you can reduce the number of layers! That was huge for me too.
  • Vegan.

The Difference Between Makeup Primers?

The Difference Between Makeup Primers?

Why didn't most makeup Primers work on my skin? It is mostly due to the silicones. They make the top layer of the skin feel gorgeous. But, for me, they made my makeup slide down my face, change color and created the need to touch up way more.


That's why I created Makeup Manager

MIX THIS Creme Makeup Tutorial by im_belstargal IG Influencer

MIX THIS Creme Makeup Tutorial by im_belstargal IG Influencer
We love a throwback post.
Mettalusso Loves @im_belstargal
Great #makeuptutorial Sharing MIX THIS Creme Makeup.
Intense Coverage in a lightweight texture. A little goes a looooong way.

Dinner Party Questions on Beauty Products And Skincare

Mettalusso Vegan Primers Power Up Makeup

I create skincare for daily use that truly makes makeup last longer, keep color better + creates a more stable texture. This means you can wear less makeup, touch up less + have all the nourishment your skin needs from the underlying skincare.

Vegan too! 2 Primers @mettalusso - one tinted + one colorless. You will actually feel the bonding happening. It's super cool. Your foundation and concealer will perform like never before. Remember - Skin CARE and Skin TREATMENT are NOT the same thing!

How Old Were You - When You First Loved Makeup?

Loving Mettalusso Glam Vegan Makeup at a young age
How old were you??? I can remember it so well! About 7 years old. I would watch my Mom apply makeup everyday. I was always absolutely transfixed. Love @muajazmine shares her little one Luna Everly. She put a dot of my MANY WAYS on her cheeks.

Hate Taking Mascara Off? Use Misteee Vegan Cleanser by Mettalusso

Mettalusso Misteee micro foam cleanser removes mascara with its vegan formula
Total truth. I could not deal with makeup removers anymore. So, I created MISTEEE. It's oil-fee and has a skincare complex in it. It also has dual textures. Can use it as a liquid, or activate the micro-foam technology and use it all over.

Mettalusso Vegan Eyeliner Drama Hack

Mettalusso Vegan Eyeliner
Mettalusso Vegan Eyeliner Hack. MATITA - Bold is Now. Drama for your top and bottom lash lines. Code 'metta' for $10 off and free shipping too!

Vegan Makeup Is Glam at Mettalusso!

Mettalusso is glam vegan skincare makeup and pet care products.

Still trading off?

Do you feel like your Vegan Makeup + Skincare is nice, but not effective?

Wish your products had as much Style as you do?

Then, come to Mettalusso. Vegan. High Performing. Affordable. Effective. Multi-Tasking.

No Boring White or Pink Boxes Here - Vegan is Glam at Mettalusso! Come See How It’s Done. Mettalusso Believes Skin Health Supports Mental Health. We create Love with our pet + skincare + beauty products. Use Holiday Code ‘Metta’ for $10 off all! All Gifts in Stock! Free Shipping! (standard delivery US only).

Makeup Manager Primer by Mettalusso - The Vegan Game Changer

Makeup Manager The Game Changing Primer by Mettalusso

MAKEUP MANAGER is the game changer Primer. It creates a binding action that powers foundation like never before.

🥗100% Vegan Cruelty Free Formula

Silicone Free. Totally activated by Skincare Ingredients.
Thanks to Branigan @collegeselling for the perfect share! 💯💋
Use Holiday Code ‘Metta’ for $10 off all!

Your Toner Gentle Enough For The Eye Orbital Area?

Is Your Toner Gentle Enough for The EYE Orbital Area? If no get MAY SPRAY Vegan Toner that functions as skincare by Mettalusso
Yours truly. Putting my product where my mouth is! (as the saying goes).
Yes, that is me putting it around my eyes this morning.
Would you put your current Toner on the delicate orbital area around your eyes?
😗If the answer is no, please reconsider your Toner! Check MAY SPRAY.

Creme Look with Liner Control - Vegan Eye Liner Hack by Mettalusso

Creme Look. Liner Control. That's MATITA.
✏️Say MAH - TEE - TAH It's Italian for Pencil!
🥗Vegan Color Sticks.
#eyeliner hack - fill in lashes and go high on the lid for a combo liner/shadow look.