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Moriis Medical Skincare Technology + MISSION: Good Skin by Mettalusso

Mettalusso is creating an all-new medical topical skincare technology.

There is a gaping hole in drugstore skincare.

Redness and Inflammation happen to most of us. It can be temporary on any day and time, so it mostly goes undiagnosed. 

 Mettalusso is creating the first topical OTC system to combat and manage redness + inflammation.

Moriis Technology.
Moriis Medical Skincare Technology by Mettalusso
Mettalusso believes skin health supports mental health.
These numbers are real.
Studies published from Pharmacy Times + American Academy of Dermatology + British Academy of Dermatology:
  • $1.3B lost due to unproductivity from skin issues that anxiety and absenteeism.
  • 74% with Rosacea say they have experienced questions that made them feel uncomfortable.
  • 29% feel their skin issues may prevent them from finding a life partner.
  • 66% Rosacea patients said it compromised their professional interactions.
  • 40% of rosacea sufferers said they felt it caused them depression.



 It is the combination of psychology and dermatology.

It affects social coping. 

This is the Psychosocial aspect. 

There is a huge link between the mind and the skin.


Mettalusso and Mission Good Skin with Moriis Technology Psychodermatology



The Crowdfunding Campaign 
Mettalusso Crowdfunding MISSION: Good Skin

MISSION: Good Skin

Crowdfunding Campaign



MISSION: Good Skin is the Mettalusso crowdfunding campaign to create the exclusive medical grade topical skin products.

Receive a complimentary gift for your donation!



The Link of Skin Health to Mental Health








Pet Care Opportunities


Pet Care Research & Development. Application opportunities potentially include the reduction of irritation for everyday conditions, increased heal time post-procedure, and lessening scar visibility.

 Mettalusso Pets Manfred Molly and Moon

The Pets of Mettalusso

Manfred + Molly + Moon