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Mettalusso Metro Pencil Makeup Sharpener

Mettalusso Metro Pencil Makeup Sharpener

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Mettalusso METRO Pencil Makeup Sharpener

The compact size and flip top lids make METRO the beautiful and multi-functional stylish sharpener perfect for travel and home.
Use on Mettalusso MAJOR PENCIL Vegan Makeup!
  • Closure Tabs Keep Messy Shavings In
  • Perfect for Home + To Travel
  • Manage Shavings For Less Mess
  • Dual Blades for Maximum Use
  • Precision Cuts Improve Makeup Performance
  • Clean + Refresh Pencil Makeup Tips 
Travel Size: 1.6 inch x 1.4 inch + Lightweight!
Mettalusso METRO Precision Makeup Pencil Sharpener with Dual Chambers and Closure Tabs for Messy Shavings

     MAJOR PENCIL Vegan Highlighter!


    About Mettalusso®

    Metta means Love. Lusso means Luxury
    Mettalusso is the world's 1st vegan clean beauty brand for people + pets!
    Our vegan product is developed with love, luxury and glamour. 

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