Mettalusso Good Skin Project

 Mettalusso is creating never before available OTC skincare products.

Supporting the Mission of Daily Mental Health through project


The Mettalusso Mission of Project Good Skin

Mettalusso Mission is in supporting daily mental health by creating products specifically dsigned to help with never before available formulas and ingredients.







Significant studies prove it. Skin conditions affect our everyday mental health.

Creating never before available OTC skincare formulas.


Leanr how Mettalusso is helping with the mission of daily mental health

Why weren't these ingredients and formulas ever before made available? 

Are they allowed? YES! The only reason why they are not avaiable is because nobody else had the vision to go after this Mission.

Mettalusso founder christine C Oddo is the entrepreneur creating the OTC products for everyday redness and irritation and supporting daily mental health

What is this product called? MORIIS. It stands for Multiple Onset of Redness Irritation and Inflammation of the Skin.

MORIIS is the collection of products that are OTC skincare developed to support everyday mental health

There are so many that battle everyday skin conditions and there is a huge lack of affordable OTC products in the stores.

Mettalusso has the Mission ready to make the difference!

It's project GOOD SKIN.

All we do at Mettalusso and sales from Madison Cool go to support project Good Skin. Learn more about Madison Cool here!

Mettalusso sales and proceeds from Madison Cool all go to support project Good Skin

 Expect to see the collection soon! Sign up to LOVE LETTERS for more info and get alerts on the progress. 

Project Good Skin is possible throught he MORIIS skincare collection of products by Mettalusso and founder Christine C Oddo




Formulas can be adjusted so they are also ssafe and effective for our furbabies. 

 Mettalusso Pets Manfred Molly and Moon

The Pets of Mettalusso

Manfred + Molly + Moon

Mettalusso MORIIS for pets

Mettalusso MORIIS for pets