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When Passion Became My Mission

Mettalusso Mission for Good Skin
Your Skin Is My Mission

How I Do My Eyeliner

Mettalusso Makeup Vegan Eyeliner How To Makeup Tutorial
This is how I do my liquid liner-especially for the first layer. From the outside in. I get a better line and can fill in between lashes better. MOXIE ME is Vegan. Mineral Based Pigment. Longwear. How do you do it?

We all Need 2 Shades Of Makeup- Use Code MyFace Vegan Pressed Powder

Mettalusso Vegan Pressed Powder 2 for 1 promotion
We all need multiple makeup shades! Are you like me. One day my complexion looks one way, another day its something else.What the heck?It depends o...

Pop Goes The Liner With Gold MATITA by Mettalusso

MATITA Vegan Eye Color Sticks by Mettalusso
A pop of gold is what you need and all it takes to make a that look happen.
MATITA creamy long-wear multi-tasks as liner + color. Vegan. Not Boring.
Product available at these amazing locations! @be_pantastic @etsy @mettalusso @veganfinebody @pivotmkt

Ultimate Mettalusso Makeup Blending Tutorial

Mettalusso Makeup Blending Tutorial

The Ultimate Blending Tutorial. The best! (gives lessons too)

@muajazmine shares every kind of brush, sponge and makeup texture, Enjoy!

Question: When Is The Best Time To Treat Your Skin? We Have The Answer at Mettalusso

Question: When Is The Best Time To Treat Your Skin? We Have The Answer at Mettalusso
How to best support your skin for the day? HINT: It happens at night! Skin heals at night - buy A LOT!!!  So, treat at night and your skin will be better to meet each day. Use MIDNIGHT BALANCE Vegan Serum Treatment.

Science + Nature with Vegan Skincare at Mettalusso

Mettalusso Toner Multi Functions as Vegan Skincare
MAY SPRAY. Science + Nature. Vegan Skincare. Toner. Free from witch hazel. Gentle enough for the delicate orbital area around eyes. Effective enough to cleanse pores. Highly enriched skincare complex with calming botanicals. Please use code 'love' for $5 off. Complimentary shipping.

Fresh Contour Technique With Mettalusso Vegan Makeup

Mettalusso contour technique and all vegan makeup

Fresh contour technique. "Undercolor". Contour color 1st, then foundation on top! MIX THIS Vegan CREME MAKEUP foundation application on top of contour shown here. MIX THIS is ideal-need very little for full coverage-preserves contour effect without too much buildup.

HOW TO: Find your starting point within your jaw by locating your teeth thru your cheeks and just under your cheek bone. It locates your natural face structure and provides the beginning of your application.

MIX THIS Palette- A Message From Mettalusso Founder!

MIX THIS. It's a concept I created in makeup. I wanted to offer something that created complete freedom and inclusivity. I think shade names can sometimes box-in our thinking.
Shade names can create a bias on the spectrum. With MIX THIS, the shade name is YOU! Combine and create colors as you wish.
That's the idea. Hope you love

Pets Give Us More Love

 Pets give us more love. The MORE Pet Collection celebrates it!

@boxersdelgrego care for their #furbaby with GLOSSY BRUSH. The work this family puts in with #boxerdog is so fun to watch.
Glossy Brush is specially designed to gently redistribute natural oils and care for hair and skin without excessive tugging.
Calm, Happy, Groomed. For cats, puppies + kittens too! Use in between and after bathing.

Mettalusso Inspo for Vegan Product Development

Love these looks. My inspo for Mettalusso makeup product development philosophy. Deep in pigments, light in texture. Big pay-off that is buildable and blendable. Vegan. Multi-functioning. Easy to use for instant style.



Skin Health is Mental Health - Mettalusso On Indiegogo Now!

Mettalusso creating all new medical topical skincare for everyday suffers of redness and inflammation on Indiegogo now!

Skin Health Is Mental Health. I know there are ingredients that we currently use all over our bodies, but the current law simply does not allow them on our face. I can change that.

In development now. MORIIS

New Topical Skincare Formula. OTC never before available.

You can support on IndieGoGo!