Collection: Mettalusso Glam Vegan Primer Collection

Mettalusso worlds first glam vegan brand with product collections for both peopke and pets

Mettalusso has a specific philosophy on Primers.

They must meet these 2 strict criteria-

1. Mettalusso Primers must fully function as daytime skincare.

2. Mettalusso Primers  must enhance your makeup performance. 


Mettalusso Primers are vegan formulas containing peptides, hyaluronic acid, botanicals, and anti-oxidants.

You receive the dual-benefit of skincare with bonding properties that make your makeup last longer. Color stays stronger, less separation, and long-wear effects mean less touch up and more natural looks. 

Mettalusso Primers are powered by skincare ingredients that provide bonding sensations and properties that give you the daytime skincare your complexion needs and a longer-lasting makeup look.

Mettalusso Primers are powered by skincare with vegan formulas that also enhance your makeup look

METTALUSSO is the World's First Brand of Glam Vegan Products for Both People + Pets.