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On Set with @makeupbytatjana - Entertainment Back in Production!

Mettalusso on movie set with Professional Makeup Artist @makeupbytatjana

@makeupbytatjana is a hero of entertainment production. This is how the makeup pros have to suit-up for work now! Congratulations on going back to work and #gratitude for making it happen. Such great news that production is starting to happen again.

We are privileged to be a part of the effort with our MASTER BLENDER Vegan Illuminating Pressed Powder. Very cool thank you so much for including Mettalusso in your tool kit. We love supporting you anyway we can!

Get Poolside Chic- Mettalusso Shares Series for Instant Makeup Tips

Mettalusso Shares Series for Instant Makeup Tips
Its scorchin' outside and the best accessories might just be a swimming pool and the perfect hat!
@thebeautytherapistmua serves up perfect pool chic with her dewey look and fabulous flicker of clear-blue sky eyeliner.
Another Mettalusso Shares Series for instant makeup tips!
Our MULTI VEGAN MASCARA gives just the right amount of natural emphasis and we are so #grateful for this #makeuplook -and for including us in her Mettalusso BOLD NATURAL #style!

New Product Coming Soon- Luxury + Glamour Vegan Clean Makeup Announcing MANY WAYS

Many Ways Metallic Shine Vegan Clean Makeup by Mettalusso

A little bit boring. Sorry but when Mettalusso checks what's out there in vegan clean beauty....(hope not to offend)...just seems it needs some Luxury + Glamour. No pale pink or boring white packaging here! Mettalusso is Luxury + Glamour in Vegan Clean Beauty. 

Announcing MANY WAYS multi-wear makeup. You can wear this stunning metallic shimmer stain on your lips + eyes + face. Layer up for more color. Combine with other makeup to alter the texture and shade. Water based. Feels soothing and cooling upon application.

This makeup is truly so beautiful. Like YOU! Shade #3 shown here. Light neutral soft brown.

Coming Soon! Sign up for our Love Letters for exclusive announcements and get a free makeup brush too!

Happy National Lipstick Day! XOXO Beauty Community from Mettalusso

Happy National Lipstick Day! XOXO Beauty Community from Mettalusso

Happy Lipstick Day! XOXO #beautycommunity Was this you? Was constantly in my Mom's makeup. Drove her crazy.

@beau.tybymaddie Shares Mist by Mettalusso

Beauty Influencer @beau.tybymaddie shares Mist by Mettalusso
The most fabulous #beautycommunity ever! #gratitude to @beau.tybymaddie for her awesome demo of MIST our revolutionary spray cleanser! It's revolutionary with the micro foam spray and skincare complex that conditions and cleanses at the same time. Oil free, SLS free. Get $5 off now. Try this vegan #cleanbeauty #makeupremover with free shipping always in the US. Enter code 'Love" for your discount.

Mettalusso Shares Series for Instant Makeup Tips- Find Your Alter Ego

Mettalusso Shares Series on Instagram MULTI Dual Tip Vegan Eyeliner

Mettalusso Shares Series. Instant Makeup Inspiration. Love and appreciate what @muajazmine is giving us lately. She shows us the way to just be yourself- while also fearlessly expressing her alter ego.

Meet alter ego "Chloe" with cool spring green lips and a bit of artistry using our MULTI Dual Tip Vegan Eyeliner.

Cleanse Covid Mask with MIST Vegan Clean Beauty Cleanser

Cleanse Covid Mask with Vegan Clean Beauty Mettalusso MIST

Makeup and Dirt on Your Mask? Masks are expensive! Clean them with MIST.

This revolutionary spray cleanser is vegan clean beauty and free from SLS, Oil, Parabens, Cruelty. Formulated with skincare complex. Use it to cleanse Face + Eyes + Brushes + Masks. MIST is incredible! For your NON-DISPOSABLE MASKS. Not for disposables. 
1 Cut- 1 Set of Photos. NO Retakes! 1 and Done. Actual Cleansing Video and Photos. Directions:

*Spray Directly on Mask

*Thoroughly and Gently Massage with Fingers; the Micro Foam Action into Soiled Area

*Rinse Gently with Cool Water

*Pat Excess Moisture

*Air Dry

Free Shipping Always in the US. Enter Code LOVE for $5 off your order.

Sirens in Quarantine Original Short by Makeup Artist Tatjana Bluchel

Mettalusso support Tatjana Bluchel makeup artist with her original short entertainment Sirens In Quarantine

Original short film by the incredibly amazing @tatjanabluchel @makeupbytatjana So creative! We are so lucky to be able to support her as she shares her #makeuplooks as a super cool special effects and #beauty #makeupartist

Enjoy her acting and directing "Sirens in Quarantine" with Harley, Ivy and Catwoman as they cope together with Mojitos and rounds of disappointing cancelled events.


Mettalusso Shares Series for Instant Makeup Tips

We could not believe it! One of our Makeup Artists @marthastanley created the loveliest surprise when she created this summer look.

Her creativity and approach were incredible.

She uses NO FOUNDATION- amazing. She used our MIX THIS™ Creme Makeup, a little primer and MASTER BLENDER™- our super natural looking pressed tanning powder. With just a hint of illumination, it works for all skin tones.

Thank you Martha! Watch for her special $5 off code. We have free shipping always in the US

MIST Cleanser- feel fresh. Oil Free. SLS Free

MIST Cleanser- feel fresh. Oil Free. SLS Free

Feel fresh. Not Oily. No SLS. Clean Beauty. EU Approved. Revolutionary skincare complex + cleanser gently removes all makeup types while depositing strengthening and conditioning ingredients. Cleanse, eyes, face and brushes. Use on your brushes ONLY what you put on your face!

MIST is the newest way to cleanse.

Makeup Life and Celebrating Family on July 4th Holiday

Mettalusso Shares Series Celebrating Family Makeup Life on July 4th Holiday!

Special share today! Family + holidays is always special and Makeup Life definitely runs deep in this household!

#gratitude to @marthastanley as she shares our product with her daughter + niece for this beautiful look.

Featuring the Mettalusso signature style of Bold Natural. Using Mettalusso Vegan Clean Makeup.

Have a lovely and fun July 4th all!

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