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Work sucks. There. I said it. We don’t need studies to prove it. We feel it. A lot lately.  The US Government wanted to know why we feel this way. Why have so many people quit their jobs? Why are so few going back to work?

The MOJO Blog asks if your work has recently created work place mental health issues

Our country’s #1 doctor, the Surgeon General, went out for some answers. The survey facts are pretty intense! You are not alone.

  • 84% said that something at their work caused at least 1 mental health issue.
84% - WOW, no wonder people don’t want to go back to the office.
Did we really need a government survey to tell you this?
AND 9 out of 10 people surveyed also said they think their company culture should support mental health needs!
The MOJO Blog by Mettalusso Says Recent Survey Of Work And Mental Health shows a lot of issues

Think this is just about workers? Think again. Executives are feeling the same way. How to help fix a work culture?


The MOJO Blog By Mettalusso Says we need to discuss mental health conditions at work and remove the stigma

Remove the stigma. Eliminate the fear and shame of admitting feeling too much work pressure. Leaders can help by starting the conversation with their own experiences – then IMPLEMENT on what they are doing to improve everyone’s daily work life.

The MOJO Blog by Mettalusso says we need to devise ways for great mental health resources at work

In short- get everyone talking and then do something about it. What’s happening for you at work? Made a job change lately. Has it helped? Or, has your current job gotten any better?



The Mojo Blog by Mettalusso recommends this Harvard article on work place mental health

Does your work suck? There is good news. About ½ of us think their work culture has improved. At work, the glass is ½ full.

Love some extra details? Then check out this excellent Harvard Post on the recent survey and what leaders can do about it.

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