Christine C Oddo founder of Mettalusso discusses Scandoval realitytv and the human journey experience

Scandoval- Another Human Journey

You know I am a lover of observing the Human Journey. That's why I have the Mettalusso original entertainment "Mettie + Lunah's Forever Journey".

You also know I love media and pop culture. In watching the Scandoval soap opera all over the reality TV airwaves and VanderPump Rules, it got me to thinking a little more about what's going on here below the surface. 

Christine Oddo of Mettalusso discusses the human journey through a discover of Scandoval on Bravo and reality tv.

Our lives run in about 10 year cycles. This is where we are with their #relationships and the time #vanderpumprules has been around.
No excuse!- for how things were handled but I am not surprised in any way whatsoever. The clues have been broadcasted for years now.
It's cool how everyone has a side and opinion- love it! IMHO, think all the behavior is a SYMPTOM and not the (total) REASON. Its been coming on for a very long time now.

This is just how us humans do things sometimes. We hurt each other as much as we bring each other joy.

Moving on as a couple- breaking up- is really hard to do. Few of us get it "right"- whatever that is.

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