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Women + Beauty Crime Series Created by @mommyyshustleto and Sponsored by Mettalusso

Provocative New Series by @mommyshustleto

Women + Beauty Crime Series: 'Kiss + Makeup" 

Sponsored by @mettalusso

Giulia Tofana was mysterious and deadly – a fitting profile for a women serial killer. “Aqua Tofana” was the name customers gave to her poisonous elixir, disguised as a harmless skincare product.

This was the weapon of choice amongst battered women looking for freedom. Although her total body count is unconfirmed, she is suspected to have played the vital part in 600 male deaths in 17th century Italy.

Would you call Guilia a child blooded killer? Perhaps a 17th century women's only way out of a horrific life? Or one of the first women entrepreneurs? You be the judge!

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