Christine C Oddo founder fof Mettalusso reviews Milan Spring 2021 Streetwear Fashion

Milan Spring 2021 Streetwear Fashion Review


Just to share----as the founder of Mettalusso----started my career in fashion---so very much of my cosmetic design is pulled from the runway show that forever lives in my mind! I still post on the industry via my blog @thechristinereport Here is my Milan Spring 2021 Street Fashion Review. So cool about the #runwayshows is the #fashion might be about the future BUT the #streetwear is totally NOW! Enjoy review on #milanspring2021 street! Early Fall is looking quote lovely in Milan. I see suited looks in a multitude of forms that are a standout for all genders, white pumps and booties abound, the topper never gets old- also see that the crossbody bag is still on (so keep yours!), hair and makeup did not interfere with the clean style; lots of harmony this season. (Thanks @wwd for the photos and inspo)

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