Mettie and Lunah's Forever journey new episode- this week is titled Fighting Like Cats and Dogs

Mettie + Lunah's Forever Journey - Fighting Like Cats and Dogs

All of us here know that people and pets can be a lot alike. 

A recent incident in a store got me to thinking about it some more. While shopping the other day, a couple young guys- would say very early 20’s, started filming with their phones. It was harmless and no doubt something for social media. But, the store did not like it, said it was not allowed, so the store associate tried to stop them. Note that he was very nice and professional to the would-be movie-makers.

Seemed like the situation was to be a nothing burger. But uh no, these two guys got really upset and started totally arguing. Loudly.  You could see shoppers’ heads turning to see what was going on. It got louder and lasted a bit longer than expected.

Think they just wanted to push the store employee as far as they could. Why? Because they could. For them, seemed it was a part of the shopping entertainment experience.

Three gal pals shopping nearby were not impressed:

“… seems like everyone is so hostile lately”, one of them said.

Same with pets! Do you have a multiple pet household? Have a couple of them that don’t always get along? Why do they do this? It seems- well, the same; because they can. Lunah is having this same issue too. In this episode of Mettie + Lunah’s Forever Journey, check out which of her pets is the instigator!

Check this Episode: Fighting Like Cats + Dogs:

Also be sure to check the current share on ‘BEST TIPS TO HELP PETS GET ALONG’. (in the Mettalusso Media Blog) Maybe us people can use a few of these tips ourselves too, ha!

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