Mettalusso Vegan Exfoliating Mask MEDLEEE

Mettalusso Masks Help Cellular Turnover

This is why you need Masks. Mettalusso has 2!

Cellular Turnover Slows Drastically as Our Skin Matures.

The rate nearly doubles from 30 to 40! 💯

  • Age Turnover Cycle:
  • Before early 20s ~ 14 to 21 days
  • 20s to 30s ~ 28 days
  • 40s ~ 45 - 60 days
  • 50 years+ ~ 60 - 90 days

This is why Masks are critical. Dead skin cells naturally build up, settle in + clog pores. Acne develops + pigmentation build up + wrinkles become more exaggerated. Masks are critical to aiding the lift and ridding cellular build up! 2 Mettalusso Masks

🥰MEDLEEE works by exfoliating to cleanse the skin's surface. Fruit Formula.

🥰MUDEEE works by focusing on cleansing pore build-up. Clay + Charcoal Formula.

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