Christine Oddo the founder of Mettalusso Made the Smashbox Primers but couldn't use them herself.

I Created All The Smashbox Primers- But Couldn't Use Them!

True Story- With Smashbox As My Client, I Created With Them This Multi-Million Dollar Global Product, But I Couldn't Even Use It Myself.

True Story behind creating MAKEUP MANAGER Vegan Bonding Primer. I made all the Smashbox Makeup Primers but could not use the multi-million dollar product I created with my client. 

I tried and tried to use them and it took me a long time (it seemed) to figure out why they did not work for me. I had an extra 'a-ha' moment when I was with a start up and all we did was develop a novel SPF product. That product did the same thing to my skin. I realized what was happening. It was all the silicone + dimethicone ingredients in the formulas.

Can your skin and makeup routine relate? 


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