One perfect foundation shade is a complete my says Mettalusso founder Christine C Oddo

1 Perfect Foundation Shade is a MYTH by Mettalusso

I am busting what I call the "MIRACLE SHADE' Myth of single shade foundation. MYTH- ‘If we just can find that ONE single perfect shade of foundation, then all our makeup issues are solved'. WRONG! From our forehead to our chin and side to side, we are not one single shade.

We are not mannequins, we are humans. Foundation shopping and application is Confusing, Intimidating, Limiting and Expensive. Also, since many brands cannot afford a full and extensive shade line up, then too many feel left out, unseen, it's not inclusive and its painful.

With multiple Shades and 4 Tints, it only takes a drop of MIX THIS to your current products and you instantly have a look you want and need.

Use as a single or combine any Shade + Tint to get the makeup freedom you want and deserve.

Do you Contour? Then, you already know how to mix. It's that easy.

You are already doing it. Now you can do it with any product you currently already have + love. Add it to any Foundation + Skincare + Primer + SPF - With just a drop, MIX THIS will update the color to get the look you want. Anytime. Every Day.

I am an OG in the beauty industry and it took me years to brainstorm this collection so that my small start up like Mettalusso could offer something this big and disruptive in the industry.

XOXOXO, Christine

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Complimentary shipping in the US. Purchase any 2 and receive a free Ring + Spatula Mixing Palette!

Mettalusso -world's 1st w/ vegan products - both people + pets. Vegan Makeup + Skincare + Pet Care. Original Entertainment: Mettie + Lunah's Forever Journey.

Vegan is Glam At Mettalusso. You See How We Do It!

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World's 1st Glam Vegan Company - Collections for both People + Pets! Did you know? Metta means Love. Lusso means Luxury. High Performing. Affordable. Glam. Vegan. Makeup + Skincare + Pet Products.

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