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Latest LOVE LETTER From Mettie + Lunah. Mettie scares Lunah- she is putting in eyedrops that have no preservatives in them.

Yes, there is such a thing and it was terrible news recently.

There are eye moisturizing drops that have no preservatives. Some doctors have referred this product, called EzriCare, because they thought they were more effective.

Here is the report: "EzriCare eye drops don't have preservatives, and CDC scientists believe that's part of the reason the bacteria grew with abandon. Fifty-five consumers in 12 states including New York got infections so severe some were hospitalized. Some went blind, and one person died."

The same idea has crossed over to the 'clean beauty movement'. Product without preservatives is overall not a good idea. We sometimes think that 'clean beauty' is the same thing as safe beauty. The problem is, there is no 1 legal definition of 'clean beauty' that means anyone can say anything about it.


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