Mettie and Lunah's Forever Journey New Episode on Eczema

Mettie + Lunah's Forever Journey New Episode - Eczema Sucks


Flare Ups. Can happen anywhere and anytime. Any age. What is it?

Eczema. 31 million people in the US have it, so if this includes you- you are definitely not alone.

There are 7 different kinds. The most common is called Atopic Dermatitis. This means something INSIDE our body is most likely reacting to something OUTSIDE your body.

These are the 7 kinds:

  • Atopic Dermatitis: the most common form. It is believed our internal system is reacting to something from the outside and maybe even emotions play a part too.
  • Contact Dermatitis: external factors in the everyday environment can cause an allergic-like reaction
  • Dyshidrotic: it appears as rashes and blisters.
  • Neurodermatitis: this version can look like small scaly patches.
  • Nummular: mostly found on legs and arms in small round patches and lesions.
  • Statis dermatitis: in darker skin, look carefully, as it appears as a discoloration and can resemble varicose veins.
  • Seborrheic: this is what we all commonly refer to as dandruff!


Emotions, changes in weather and being in different environments – you know, the things we do over the holidays-can cause a flare-up.  If your skin went crazy these last couple weeks, this is probably a good chance why.

You know the Mettalusso Mission is devoted to daily mental health by feeling better about the way we look. Mettalusso knows Skin Health Supports Mental Health. It’s believed that up to half of us with Eczema will avoid a social situation.

In this episode, Mettie + Lunah also know this too well. They may miss going out for some fun because of their skin conditions. Can you relate? Just remember, you are not alone.

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