Mettalusso Inspiration Glam Vegan for People and Pets – Mettalusso Love + Luxury

Mettalusso Inspiration Glam Vegan for People and Pets

Christine C Oddo founder and inspiration for Mettalusso


Metta means Love.

Lusso means Luxury.

Love is our brand value.

Luxury is our product.

Love is our most important  emotional sensation.


Pet Love is unconditional. 


Christine C Oddo founder Mettalusso inspiration


The Love Between People + Pets Is Real.

High Performance Vegan Formulas.

This is Mettalusso Luxury. 


Mettalusso inspiration with glam vegan products for both people and pets
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Mettalusso believes skin health supports mental health

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Christine C Oddo Founder and CEO Mettalusso

 PS- Meet MOJO, this is the Mettalusso Mascot.

Mettalusso's mascot MOJO