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Mettalusso Inspiration

Mettalusso is the World's First Vegan Clean Luxury Product for People and Pets

How Mettalusso Was Created


Metta means Love.

Lusso means Luxury.



My life's journey in wellness taught me a lot about ingredients. My career in fashion and beauty makes it a passion. 
I do all I can to bring you the most fun, glam and vegan product that is affordable for you and your furbaby. Life Is A Journey. We Live It.


Mettalusso is the world's first vegan clean beauty brand for people and pets


I always had a natural passion and interest for fashion and beauty. Somehow, it has always been an undeniable force in my heart and mind. 

Pets were a big part of my childhood. They were an incredible source of love and companionship. Taking care of them was a meaningful experience. The responsibility kept me focused. 

It is an incredible opportunity to share my story. The Mettalusso original entertainment and products express the passion from my journey- and they are a celebration of yours!

Mettalusso is the worlds first vegan clean beauty brand for people and pets and features original entertainment

We all have a life journey. You are encouraged to share yours. Email anytime or DM on Social. 

Christine C Oddo Founder and CEO Mettalusso



PS- Meet MOJO, this is the Mettalusso Mascot.

Mettalusso's mascot MOJO