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For Retailers

Mettalusso works with retail store buyers too! We don't undercut. Product support. Custom promotion opportunities. 
You can work with us directly or through our wholesale partnership with Faire!
Check out this amazing portal for retailers only. You can shop the entire Mettalusso line-up for your store. They make it so easy for you. Orders are routed back to us, so you will be dealing directly with Mettalusso for all your customer support needs. 
You will also find many other incredible brands. We value your success and want to do all we can to support and grow with you.
Click on the graphic below and it links to the Mettalusso Wholesale Page.
More About Faire:
The online wholesale marketplace connecting over 170,000 local retailers with emerging and established brands.
Mettalusso and Faire Wholesale Buying for Retailers