The MOJO Blog by Mettalusso Wonders How We Will Handle Back to Work With Ghosting

Will Ghosting Haunt Us? THE MOJO Blog

Technology ate our manners. Ghosting. Will it haunt us?

Mettalusso MOJO Blog asks if ghosting will haunt us

How did this happen?  At first, it was electronic gadgets at the table. We sit together but do not pay real attention to each other. Then, this became acceptable at work. Heads down at meetings buried in phones is a norm.

We were together- but not really. It grew from there. Its yet another thing to blame on the pandemic.


While physically indoors and kept apart, electronic communication was everything. Internet connected gadgets provided the immediate assistance for what we needed. We quickly realized that we could turn to our gadgets- or quickly turn away from them. We learned more ways to passively and quietly ignore and avoid each other.  

Mettalusso asks if we are really working together during meetings. THE MOJO Blog

With real life togetherness reduced, attention is now on the device, not the other person. It’s the New SOCIAL SHIELD.

  • Work? About 30% admit they ghosted an employer.
  • Dating? For 18-35 year-olds, 70-80% say they have been involved in some type of ghosting.  
  • Friends and Family? The numbers are up to 40%!

Many are getting called back to the office. Public bans and restrictions are mostly lifted. Does that mean we soon have to face those we ghosted?

Mettalusso aks if we will be embarrassed if we run into someone we ghosted? THE MOJO BLOG

Ghosted or been ghosted lately?

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