Mettalusso Crowdfunding Campaign Mission Good Skin Acne Costs Us Over a Billion Dollars Each Year

The Real Cost of Acne. Mettalusso Crowdfunding Campaign: Mission Good Skin

Acne. Did you know the human toll of this condition costs $1.2 BILLION in lost productivity and expenses for care?

There are treatments for acne itself- but there is no medical grade over-the-counter, non-prescription skincare that addresses controlling all of the visual symptoms acne causes.

Redness. Puffiness. Spots. Patchiness.

Frustration. Sadness. Embarrassment. Insecurity.

This is the toll it takes on us mentally and physically.

Developing the topical skincare for these needs. Affordable. Accessible.

Crowdfunding Campaign. Check out for more info. Participants receive a free gift.


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