Mettalusso shares how pets are literally talking back to us

Animals Talking Back!


Maybe I am watching too many animal videos. I feel I have a perfectly good excuse (ha!). As most know, pets and the Love they bring into our lives is a lead inspiration for my brand, Mettalusso.

Pets are such an important part of the family. They also come in many types. Seems it does not matter if its a cow or a cat. While watching animal videos (social media research of course) -the bond between the person and the pet is undeniable. 


Mettalusso shares how much love pets bring us

So, have you seen dogs and pet parents communicating with the push button tiles? It's quite amazing. TikTok and YouTube has some blow-away examples.

Check out @chelleandlexihusky

The manners at the end really get me! Who could resist that?

We talk to our pets so much-maybe this should not be such a huge surprise. 

I've always stated that the love between people and pets is very real- it seems the communication is now too. What do you think- do these dogs "know" what they are saying, or do you think its simply learned behavior?

A Couple More TikTok Accounts To Check Out: @whataboutbunny and @kaijuanddragon


Mettalusso founder Christine C. Oddo

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