Mettalusso vegan Primer is Makeup Manager

Mettalusso Makeup Manager At Work

Of all my latest newest products @mettalusso, this one I am especially proud of. I am showing here how it works.

I could not wear Primers that caused surface slip. Many love them, but just did not work for me. So, I created Makeup Manager because it creates a bonding element between makeup and the skin.

  • Foundation performs so much better!
  • Color is more vibrant and less touch ups through out the day.
  • Also, it's full of skincare ingredients including peptides, so you can reduce the number of layers! That was huge for me too.
  • Vegan.

Always have free shipping in the US too.

 About Me + Mettalusso- Created by @thechristinereport Bio:

💯Celebrity Biz:

💋Managed Kardashian Skincare

💉Created Kat von D Makeup

👱‍♀️ Marketed Denise Richards Haircare

📺 TV Content Creator @discoverytv Makeover Reality Show '10 Years Younger'

No Boring White or Pink Boxes Here - Vegan is Glam at Mettalusso! Come See How It’s Done. Mettalusso Believes Skin Health Supports Mental Health. Creating Love with pet + skincare + beauty products. Free Shipping! (standard delivery US only)

Code ‘love’ for $5 off. Vegan Is Glam Here. Come Check How It's Done.

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