Mettalusso Knows The Love Between People + Pets is Real

We Know For Certain This Bond, This Love, Between People + Pets is Very Real.

That's why we became the world's first company to create collections of glam vegan products for both people + pets. 

The pet products are all high quality - high performing - vegan - affordable and formulas are properly adjusted for the correct pH for pets' delicate skin and hair.

See all that we have to offer for your Fur Baby. We know you will love all our products and especially the Mousse Shampoo- no extra water necessary! Add code 'glossybrush' to your check out and get your complimentary grooming brush.

Good for kittens, puppies and seniors too.

Free Standard Shipping in The US. 

Mettalusso is the world's first glam vegan brand with product collections for both people + pets.

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