Mettalusso loves this new John Travolta Holiday advertising with Capital One credit card

John Travolta + Capital One + Santa Too!

OK, this totally did it for me today. It's official, I instantly got into the holiday spirit. I was wondering where or when it could possibly would come from. News has been a little bit too grim lately.

As soo as I saw this, I knew it happened. When advertising is this good, it's so great. Think its better thank any of the Super Bowl ads.


Mettalusso loves the new John Travolta and Capital One credit card advertising that puts you in the holiday mood.

I actually enjoy watching advertising. For me, as a life long consumer marketer, it's like a spot market on the current psychology of our collective consciousness. Behavioral economic is fascinating.

Watch this ad for yourself. Enjoy! It's so adorable and just gotta' love John Travolta for doing this. Delightful. Hope it puts you in the best holiday spirit too!

Did you catch Donna Pescow in it too!  She was so good in the move Saturday Night Live. I jumped for joy when I saw her!!!


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