Mettalusso MIST Vegan Clean Beauty Makeup Remover Instagram Giveaway Winners

Giveaway Winners Announcement- MIST March Giveaway

 Announcing the 3 Winners of our MIST Universal Makeup Remover #Giveaway ! So excited the time has come. Thank you so much for all participants, it is a privilege to know each and one of you that post with Mettalusso. It really means a lot.

Congratulations to @marielavishly @shalie_makeup @missfitsteph Each of you will receive a MIST Universal Makeup Remover. This is a revolutionary formula that is clean beauty, vegan, oil free, sls free, paraben free, cruelty free and can be used on eyes, face, makeup brushes and sponges.

Please DM us asap with your shipping info or head over to our website and create an account.

Thank you!! Should we do it again. What product should we giveaway next???




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