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Are Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs Really "Sponsored"? -Ask The SM Platforms!

"Sponsored" - Generally, this is how the social media platforms visibly categorize a share when we tag our product or shop.

Every platform does it a bit differently, but this is the essential message to the viewer.
As a bootstrapping entrepreneur with a start-up, I am in the doing-everything phase. Creating videos, doing the accounting, developing product, you name it, I am doing it.
Christine C Oddo founder of Mettalusso thinks entrepreneurs should have their own social media category

It got me to thinking. Should entrepreneurs that do their own product shares in social media and online shopping get their own tagging category? It seems there are more accurate ways to identify the creator that is also themselves the entrepreneur.


SPONSORED? Who's SPONSORED??? Not me. That word sounds like someone has invested, gave money, is giving money or even maybe some kind of mentoring- whatever you want to consider it- it's not happening here.
It got me to thinking.....I'm on my own. That's great. No complaints. I am lucky- I get to help others with what I know, live my vision and endeavor at my passion and mission.
Are you in the same situation? Thoughts?
Christine C Oddo founder of Mettalusso thinks founders contribute so much to the economy that they should get their own tagging category online.
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