Mettalusso MORE Vegan Pet Shampoo

A New Puppy!- Alexis Cleans Sarge With Mettalusso MORE Vegan Mousse Shampoo

 A new puppy!!! @iam.alexis.official just got Sarge! How cute is he.

Now she has to give him a bit of a clean up.

Inbetween or too young to go the the groomer quite yet?

⁉️ The solution?? Mettalusso MORE Mousse Vegan Shampoo. No need to add water and rinse-you can just brush it through. Add code 'glossybrush' for our Free Grooming Brush with this order! 😍 We especially LOVE that when she reads off what Mettalusso means- Metta means LOVE + Lusso means LUXURY....Sarge gives her a little kiss. He knew!💋💋💋 

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