Mettalusso Makeup Manager is Vegan Primer Powered by Skincare not Silicones

A Journey in Makeup Primers


A Primer Makeup Journey. Slickery. That was the least of my problems. Breakouts. Darkened pores. This is what most Primers did to my skin. I wanted to use them, but had to quit the roller coaster ride.
➡➡➡Slickery is how they felt on my face. And, how my makeup looked by noon. Like it was literally sliding down my face.
🚧 Then, I would powder constantly to stabilize the day's look. All that meant was build-up. Not a good look. You get the picture by now. Clownish. This is how I felt I looked.
💄Driving this reality is the ingredients in the "Silicone" family (not Silica, important difference) I am familiar because, in my career, I partnered on expanding the entire @Smashbox line-up of Primers. So I am pretty familiar! This is a great concept for professional photography in a deluxe makeup studio. It performs exceptionally by creating a really smooth glossy skin surface where makeup can glide on.
Hear that ?: "smooth" + "glide" That's exactly what was happening to the makeup on my face! That's exactly what happens (for some) with these Primer formulas. For me, it was a mid-day makeup disaster. 😞Lots LOVE this look and feel. Just did not work for me- at all.
So, I challenged the norm. Makeup Manager is the result. It is powered by skincare, not silicones. Makeup Manager @mettalusso truly creates a whole new approach to Primer formulas + performance.
💗Makeup Manager truly creates a bonding sensation between the skin and makeup. You can see and feel it. This product, this formula, totally flies in the face of industry norm. But, now I have something that works + I get to share it with others that may have the same need.
Makes me so happy.
Learn More about Makeup Manager here.
Created by Founder @thechristinereport: #celebrity branding #makeup + #skincare - managed #kardashian skincare collection, created #katvond makeup collection and ’10 Years Younger’ #realityshow #makeover @discovery TV, marketer of Denise Richards #haircare brand.



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