Mettalusso mettie and lunah's forever journey question where is everyones MOJO in a ne episode

Quiet Quitting- Where's The MOJO?

You’ve heard this term- “Quiet Quitting”. It’s basically the

newest form of dealing with work stress. Why is this happening?



Over the pandemic years, workers were asked to fill in and
hustle work nonstop in high-pressure environments just so their employer and co-workers could make it another day. It was survival time. Companies of all size counted on everyone sticking together-and everyone did. We have entered a new phase now. The prior years at that pace has left many to finally exhale. Now we are feel the post-pandemic burn-out.  





Where’s The MOJO?

Mettalusso Mettie and Lunahs Forever Journey new episode on Mojo


Think about this- creators and entrepreneurs can't quit.


A Big Study says employee engagement is at a
major low. Only about a third of us feel engaged at work and 3 out of 4 are
looking for their next new job.


What if you are an entrepreneur, or a creator? A couple well known entrepreneurs from Shark Tank and Huffington Post fame say that “Quiet Quitting” is not good. They say one can never let up and it’s a career-killing concept.



Where are you on the burn-out scale?



In this episode we see Mettie in her big job in finance while Lunah is an indie hair stylist.



Wishing you much MOJO.






Mettie has a big job in finance and Lunah is an independent hair stylist.



As for their pets Manfred, Molly and Moon, well, we all know that pets are always engaged. That’s why we love them so much.

The pets of Mettalusso Manfred and Molly and Moon

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