Mettie and Lunah's Forever Journey by Mettalusso New episode

New Episode Mettie + Lunah's Forever Journey : Feel Real?

Lots of change and the holidays are upon us.
So much going on. Can make us feel different. Not like ourselves. How can we feel like ourselves when everything in the outside world feels different?

You are not alone. Even at work- about 2 of 3 also feel the same.

1st- keep it real with yourself. The rest will follow. But how?

Mettie + Lunah share what they've learned.

More of The tips- 

Coping tricks. You know Mettalusso’s MISSION is MENTAL HEALTH. The everyday kind. Daily coping that helps us thrive in the moment. Moments make the journey.

  • Seek inspiration. Spend at least 10 minutes a day with anything that inspires your mindset.
  • Share and learn with a trusted friend. Forget shame. Don’t be alone with your feelings.
  • Watch the negative self-talk. Notice when it appears and curb it when it begins.
  • Small goals. It doesn’t happen fast or all at once. The little victories definitely count.
  • Recognize relationship toxicity. If its not supportive and positive, change out who and what you can.
  • Don’t believe everyone else has a more perfect situation
  • Stop the all or nothing thoughts. Most of what we do gets improved on anyways.


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