Mettalusso MORE Blueberry Organic Dog Biscuit Treat – Mettalusso Love + Luxury
Mettalusso Dog Biscuit Treat Blueberry Natural with Organic Non GMO Ingredients
Mettalusso Dog Biscuit Treat Blueberry Organic and Natural Non GMO Ingredientsry
Mettalusso Dog Biscuit Treat Blueberry Organic with Natural and Non GMO Ingredients
METTALUSSO MORE BLUEBERRY All Natural Flavored NON GMO Biscuit Ingredients
METTALUSSO More Dog Treat All Natural Blueberry NON GMO Biscuit Information
METTALUSSO MORE Dog Biscuit All Natural Blueberry Flavor and Non GMO Ingredients

METTALUSSO MORE Dog Biscuit Treat Blueberry Organic

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METTALUSSO MORE Dog Biscuit Treat Blueberry Organic

METTALUSSO® MORE pet products are named for the immense love between a pet and their parent. Pets give their pet parents so much love. MORE products celebrate that love with stylish and nutritious natural oven-baked treats. METTALUSSO products are everyday luxury and all day style.

The METTALUSSO MORE pet collection products are high quality, high style items for our pets. You have high style and so should your pet products. MORE dog treats are free of grain, added sugar, soy, corn, GMOs, by-products, glycerin, waxes, artificial colors and artificial preservatives. Oven baked in the most popular flavors.

Instructions: Provide as an occasional daily treat. Do not overfeed.

Caution: For pet treat use only. Keep away from children.



Our Clean Beauty certified products are formulated using the restricted ingredient list of a leading global beauty retailer. Our Talc is fully clean certified.

Guaranteed Analysis: crude protein (min) 9%, crude fat (min) 7%, crude fiber (max) 3%, moisture (max) 8%.  Ingredients: garbanzo bean flour,  apple juice, blueberries, eggs, natural blueberry flavor, flax seed oil, mixed tocopherols (Vit E) as preservative. 10 Kcal per treat.


Love + Luxury


Mettalusso is a multi-media entertainment platform and everyday luxury product for people and pets. Metta means Love and Lusso means Luxury. Mettalusso products are everyday luxury and all day style at fabulous price points. Mettalusso MOMENTS is the original content series, Mettie + Lunah's Forever Journey©.

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