Mettalusso Method Detail Makeup Brush – Mettalusso Love + Luxury
METTALUSSO METHOD Detail Cosmetic Brush
Mettalusso Cosmetic Detail Brush #2 - Mettalusso Love + Luxury

Mettalusso Method Detail Makeup Brush

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METTALUSSO Cosmetic Detail Brush METHOD #2

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The METTALUSSO METHOD Detail Brush #2 is critical for the orbital area, imperfections, around the nose or any small area perfect for extra detail. METTALUSSO® METHOD brushes are specifically designed for use with both powders and liquids. METTALUSSO products are everyday luxury and all day style.

The METTALUSSO® METHOD is our proven technique to get the most out of every look from casual to formal and artistic to innovative.

Skin naturally varies in both color and texture and the light circular motions apply product that mimics the true state of all skin. You will save time and money by using less makeup and get better results.



If you can stir with a spoon, you can do the METHOD® METHOD!

Use the METHOD technique for both liquids and powders.

  1. Your hand and fingers hold the brush as you would normally and comfortably.
  2. Apply a minimal product at the top of the brush.
  3. Then lightly touch the brush with makeup to the desired area.
  4. Make very light circular wrist movement until the makeup is fully applied.
  5. Repeat at various points until coverage is complete throughout.
  6. Add layers of product to achieve extra coverage in specific areas or create a desired look.

METHOD achieves better blending while using less makeup for greater results.

Finally, a brush technique that is direct and easy to understand, provides the fastest way to get the look you want and uses less makeup!

About Mettalusso®
Mettalusso is the world's 1st vegan clean beauty brand for people + pets!
Our product is developed with luxury and glamour. We have pioneered a whole new standard of vegan clean product. 
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