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Moriis Medical Skincare Technology + MISSION: Good Skin by Mettalusso

Mettalusso is creating an all-new medical skincare technology. There is a gaping hole in skincare.

Redness and Inflammation happen to most of us all the time. And, we often don't know why it even happened!! All we know is that we want it to go away- Right? Can you believe this- There is not a medical product in the drugstores to specifically help just

Redness + Inflammation + Irritation.

Mettalusso is going to change that.

The technology is called 'Moriis'. It means Multiple Onset of Redness, Inflammation and Irritation of the Skin.

We will keep you posted as we get closer to launching this phenomenal new product!
Moriis Medical Skincare Technology by Mettalusso
Our Crowdfunding Campaign supporting Moriis
Mettalusso Crowdfunding MISSION: Good Skin

MISSION: Good Skin

Crowdfunding Campaign

Mettalusso is developing a proprietary medical skin care product.


 Mettalusso Crowdfunding Campaign Is Here!


There is a significant white space of need in consumer skin care. There is a massive void in the marketplace for accessible product that addresses visible skin irregularities from everyday conditions.


Common skin issues can cause great stress. The area of study is called Psyodermatology.



It is the combination of psychology and dermatology.

My focus is on how it affects us to cope socially. 

This is the Psychosocial aspect. 

There is a huge link between the mind and the skin.

Mettalusso Crowdfunding MISSION: Good Skin for the Mind Skin Connection

Learn More About The Astounding Costs With Acne Alone!


Dermatological and psychological studies prove the link between mental health and how we fell about the way we look. I started this crowdfunding campaign to support the development of proprietary technology and products to create affordable product that will provide wellness and help people both physically and mentally. 


 Put simply, product does not exist to reduce visible skin issues from everyday issues. There are products designed to attack a specific condition, but there is no medical product that helps improve the issues we see in the mirror such as redness and swelling. 

Mettalusso MISSION: Good Skin


More Opportunities


Pet Care Research & Development is also planned. Application opportunities potentially include the reduction of irritation for everyday conditions, increased heal time post-procedure and lessening scar visibility.

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Crowdfunding Campaign


MISSION: Good Skin is the Mettalusso crowdfunding campaign to create the exclusive medical grade topical skin products.

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Timing is excellent. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act has sped up approval processes with the FDA, increased protection for the inventor and lowered fees.