How Mettalusso Was Created – Mettalusso Love + Luxury

How Mettalusso Was Created

Mettalusso is the World's First Vegan Clean Luxury Product for People and Pets

How Mettalusso Was Created


Metta means Love.

Lusso means Luxury.

Mettalusso was created out of the determination and joy of getting through an extremely challenging childhood. My family split apart when at 9 years old. At 15, and basically on my own, I needed to find somewhere to live. 

I always had a natural passion and interest for fashion and beauty. Given the circumstances, I have no idea where this comes from. Nonetheless, it has been an undeniable force in my heart and mind. 

I also always loved pets and animals. While oftentimes feeling very alone, pets were incredible sources of love and companionship. Taking care of them was a meaningful experience and the responsibility kept me focused. 

Fashion and pets became a part of my personal North Star and my ambitions were fed by the idea that there had to be a way to do better in life than the circumstances that were dealt upon me.

It is an incredible opportunity to share my story. The Mettalusso original entertainment featuring Mettie + Lunah Lusso and the products enable sharing the love and passion from this journey.

We all have a life journey. Wherever Mettalusso posts, you are encouraged to share yours. 


Christine C Oddo Founder and CEO Mettalusso



PS- Meet MOJO, this is the Mettalusso Mascot.

Mettalusso's mascot MOJO