Mettalusso Glam Vegan Beauty for People and Pets

Mettalusso Glam Vegan Beauty for People and Pets

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Glam Vegan Beauty

High Performing. Stylish. Vegan. 

Affordable Luxury.

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Mettalusso the world's first glam vegan brand with products for people and pets

Mettalusso is a highly differentiated company as the world’s first glam vegan beauty brand with products for both people and pets. 

Created by Christine C. Oddo. Christine managed the Kardashians’ first skincare brand, developed the Kat Von D Sephora line and marketed Denise Richard’s hair care collection.

Mettalusso is different. Mettalusso, meaning “love” and “luxury” is a vegan makeup, skincare and pet grooming brand with glam packaging for all its people and pet products.

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Home of MISTEEE, the revolutionary multi-functional cleanser. This vegan oil free makeup remover is spray activated, contains a skincare complex and delivers a gentle micro foam that flawlessly cleans makeup and debris from eyes, face and brushes. 

Mettalusso is Cruelty Free.Mettalusso cruelty free glam vegan products for both people and pets


 The Mettalusso Mission

Mettalusso Believes That Skin Health Supports Mental Health

Mettalusso glam vegan skincare supports mental health