Mettalusso MISSION – Mettalusso Love + Luxury

Mettalusso MISSION

Mettalusso MISSION
"Create Love + Luxury in Your Life"
Mettalusso literal translation
Metta means LOVE 
Lusso means LUXURY
Mettalusso is multi-media original entertainment and everyday luxury product for people and pets. 
We are the world's first start up of original entertainment and branded product. 
The business model, brand and product are all built on differentiation. 
Product standards are extreme.
Mettalusso product must be unique-high performance-affordable-luxury.
Mettalusso product is developed for all genders.
We are devoted to public good with our innovative products. Stay tuned as we are in development of all new FDA regulated skin care products that will offer relief to sufferers of certain conditions that were never before available!
Original Entertainment.
MOMENTS are the stories of Mettie + Lunah's Forever Journey.  
Enjoy Love. Enjoy Luxury. Enjoy the Moment. Enjoy the Journey.
Christine C Oddo Mettalusso Founder and CEO