Mettalusso MISSION – Mettalusso Love + Luxury

Mettalusso MISSION

METTALUSSO MISSION Is the Help You Feel Love and Luxury In Your Life

METTALUSSO® is designed to provide you with the feeling of love and luxury in your life. 

METTALUSSO® has created a whole new experience. 

The translation of METTALUSSO® is Love and Luxury. METTA means love. LUSSO means luxury. We create love and luxury with original multi-media entertainment and everyday luxury products. 

Mettie + Lunah's Forever Journey™ is an original, inclusive and inspiring entertainment series. Episodes feature the entire Lusso Family and their pets. They are a globally extended family. The lead characters are Mettie and Lunah. They are cousins and extremely close. We follow all their lives as children to adults. Their lives are our lives. The series gives us all a place to share our lives and experiences. 

METTALUSSO® products are everyday luxury developed with multi-functional benefits and uses for people and pets. Each product is individually developed within the values and standards of love + luxury. New products of all kinds are in constant development and release. 

METTALUSSO® is Unique in Many Other Ways

  • "MOMENTS" are each episode of Mettie + Lunah's Forever Journey.
  • Each episode has a question at the end called "MULL". Everybody can answer the question. This is where we get to share our lives and experiences.
  • MOJO is the winged M mascot. MOJO is always there when we need it.
  • All product names begin with the letter M. In nearly every language, the sound of the letter M is the most universal sound we make. When we are not using full words, we communicate with the simple sound of the letter M. We do this when we are happy, sad, thinking- basically every response possible- is made in the sound of M. It is the most unifying expression in all our communication. 


Everything about METTALUSSO® is made so you can feel greater love + luxury in your life.

Enjoy the Journey!