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Meet the Founder of Mettalusso Love + Luxury

The Inspiration

Mettalusso is the result of a natural passion for amazing products. 

My career includes creating incredible product and brands for large organizations, celebrities and start-ups companies. I managed the first Kardashian Skin Care Brand, created the launch collection for Kat von D for Sephora and managed the Denise Richards Hair Care line for Cristophe of Beverly Hills. Fulfilled with these career highlights, I knew it was time to create a first-of-kind company and unique brand with meaningful difference and purpose.

Mettalusso is the result. In translation Metta means Love. Lusso means Luxury.

My personal journey also has a great impact on all I do. Experiencing the challenge living on my own when I was 15 taught me the value of being very focused and goal oriented. As an adult, I experience a chronic condition that took doctors over a decade to diagnose. This experience led me to understand the appreciation for wellness and the importance of ingredients.  

I design everything as multi-functional inclusive product made of beneficial ingredients that feel luxurious. Mettalusso vegan clean beauty products are high performance and glamorous.

Mettalusso is a first of kind company and brand. It is the first-ever to launch with original characters, entertainment and vegan clean beauty products for both people and pets.

Mettalusso is also working on proprietary medical skin care product. There is a massive void in the marketplace for accessible product that addresses visible skin irregularities from everyday conditions. Major dermatological and psychological studies prove the link between mental health and how we fell about the way we look. I have started a crowdfunding campaign to support the development of proprietary technology and products to create affordable product that will provide wellness and help people both physically and mentally. 


Original Entertainment

Enjoy original entertainment with MOMENTS episodes of "Mettie + Lunah's Forever Journey". MOMENTS are short stories featuring the lives of Mettie + Lunah and the entire extended global Lusso Family complete with their pets Manfred, Molly and Moon.

Mettalusso is original entertainment and vegan clean beauty for both people and pets



MIST is a very special product in the Mettalusso Collection. It’s an amazing vegan + clean beauty formula - this revolutionary makeup cleanser sprays as a fine mist and then activates into a micro foam. Its oil-free formula is fortified with a skincare complex that cleans eyes, face, and makeup brushes gently yet thoroughly without stripping.


Mettalusso also features the MORE Collection of Vegan Clean Beauty for Pets!

Mettalusso is luxury vegan clean beauty for both people and pets

I also enjoy curating Poemstar®, a creative writing site and posting on The Christine Report™, my blog for all things current on Mettalusso, Fashion, Makeup and the Style Industry.


Christine C Oddo Mettalusso Founder and CEO


Mettalusso is daily luxury products for people + pets.