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Meet the Founder

Creating Mettalusso comes from a life-long career and passion for amazing product. After doing it for large companies, celebrities and niche brands, it was time to launch my own. In translation, Metta means love and Lusso means luxury. Mettalusso is a platform delivering original entertainment and everyday luxury product for people and pets.

You will find the original entertainment through the Mettalusso MOMENTS series called "Mettie + Lunah's Forever Journey". MOMENTS are short stories featuring the lives of Mettie + Lunah Lusso.

Mettalusso is a first of kind company and brand. It is the first-ever to launch with original characters and unique products for people and pets.


Christine C Oddo Mettalusso Founder and CEO


Mettalusso is daily luxury products for people + pets.

Mettalusso is daily luxury product for people + pets. Metta means love and Lusso means luxury

We now live in the most dynamic opportunity in the history of all retail. It is an unbelievable opportunity to reach more people and connect like never before.

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