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Meet the Founder

The Inspiration

Creating Mettalusso comes from a life-long career and passion for amazing product and brands. After doing it for large companies, celebrities and niche brands, it was time to launch my own. I have fought back through an unconventional childhood, living on my own since 15 and managing a chronic condition that took doctors over a decade to diagnose! Being here now and sharing this is a very special moment in life's journey!

Mettalusso is a first of kind company and brand. It is the first-ever to launch with original characters and unique products for people and pets.

In translation, Metta means love and Lusso means luxury. Mettalusso also has original entertainment and vegan clean beauty product for both people and pets.

Original Entertainment

You will find the original entertainment through the Mettalusso MOMENTS series called "Mettie + Lunah's Forever Journey". MOMENTS are short stories featuring the lives of Mettie + Lunah and the entire extended global Lusso Family complete with their pets Manfred, Molly and Moon.

Mettalusso is original entertainment and vegan clean beauty for both people and pets



MIST is a very special product in the Mettalusso Collection. It’s an amazing vegan + clean beauty formula - this revolutionary makeup cleanser sprays as a fine mist and then activates into a micro foam. Its oil-free formula is fortified with a skincare complex that cleans eyes, face, and makeup brushes gently yet thoroughly without stripping.


Mettalusso also features the MORE Collection of Vegan Clean Beauty for Pets!

Mettalusso is luxury vegan clean beauty for both people and pets

I also enjoy curating Poemstar®, a creative writing site and posting on The Christine Report™, my blog for all things current on Mettalusso, Fashion, Makeup and the Style Industry.


Christine C Oddo Mettalusso Founder and CEO


Mettalusso is daily luxury products for people + pets.