MIST by Mettalusso Vegan Spray Makeup Cleanser Get $8 off now

Limpiador de maquillaje en spray vegano MIST de Mettalusso

MIST is the original unique Vegan Spray Cleanser. Remove makeup gently and effectively in a whole new way.  Spray it on a pad, cloth, or into palms and lather! So many ways and so many uses to gently cleanse without stripping. Takes off eye + face makeup and turns brushes back to fluffy clean.

Formulated with a soothing and conditioning skincare complex.

Spray-Cleanse-Skincare all in one!

MIST is Oil Free, SLS Free, EU Compliant, Vegan + made with Clean Beauty Ingredients.

Get it now $8 off with code MIST8. Free Shipping always in the US. Try it now!


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