Mettalusso MAY SPRAY Vegan Skincare Multi-Tasking Anti-Aging for the Neck too!

Don't Forget Your Neck - Skincare Required Here Too!

Why do we always forget to treat our necks? It's practically a visible as our face.

Probably because lotions and creams can get on clothes. The skin is delicate and requires extra gentle care. 

MAY SPRAY is the answer for anti-aging neck treatment. This vegan skincare is absolutely full of the most necessary skincare ingredients - hyaluronic acid, vitamin c and more calming and conditioning botanicals that can be listed.

Mettalusso May Spray Anti-Aging Skin Treatment Great For Necks

Named because is also contains Damask Rose extract and this rose blooms in May. More than a toner, this is true multi-tasking treatment.

Great gift - in stock - immediate shipment. Free Standard Shipping with Mettalusso. Get MAY SPRAY now.

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