Mettie + Lunah's Forever Journey. They ask more about quarterback Aaron Rodgers and what he thinks.

Mettie + Lunah Ask What Aaron Rodgers Thinks About The Vaxx?

Mettie + Lunah Ask What Aaron Rodgers Thinks About The Vaxx? 1 - or - 2 - or - 3? Boost or not to Boost? Now for kids. Now a pill. There is a lot of information coming at us. No wonder Mettie has her own interpretation! Luckily, Lunah is there, as always, by her side as a good friend and cousin.
👉We all are aware of the Aaron Rodgers, quarterback of the Green Bay Packers Football Team and his breaking news. As a person of great influence, this has gotten a lot of people's attention. In conversation, Rodger's reasoning seems to be equally, if not more important than him catching it. This is the big conversation driver.
💡Is Aaron Rodgers simply voicing what many are thinking? He wishes the witch hunt on each other could end. Has it become a witch hunt? Can we get along with each others' beliefs - and feel safe together? Interesting questions. Asked at the right time.
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