Mettalusso Method Detail Makeup Brush
METTALUSSO METHOD Detail Cosmetic Brush
Mettalusso Cosmetic Detail Brush #2 - Mettalusso Love + Luxury

Mettalusso Method Detail Makeup Brush

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METTALUSSO Cosmetic Detail Brush METHOD #2

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  • Designed for Powders or Liquids.
  • Perfect for eye lining, contouring or shading.
  • Spot application on the face for extra coverage or highlight certain areas.


Mettalusso glam vegan products for people and pets
About Mettalusso®
Metta means Love. Lusso means Luxury
Mettalusso is the world's 1st vegan clean beauty brand for people + pets!
Our vegan product is developed with love, luxury and glamour. 


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