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MULTI Eyeliner Dual Felt Tip is Twice the Style!

MULTI Eyeliner Dual Felt Tip is Twice the Style!

The best #Eyeliner !!!! Gift with Purchase. Double Your Style! Why have only 1 felt tip when you can have 2? Introducing our MULTI Duo End Felt Tip Eyeliner. It's fabulous. You definitely need this. Fantastic gift with purchase going on now. Any purchase and you get a free vegan Mascara. $24 value. Mascara also has 2 apps built in, one separates lashes and the other builds volume. You love quality makeup and luxury, shop Mettalusso now for amazing high performing products. We offer everyday luxury products for people and pets. There is no brand like Mettalusso. We also launched our original entertainment series Mettie + Lunah's Forever Journey. Watch for MOMENT 2 (episode 2) due out soon! Free shipping always.

Mettalusso Media Subscribe and Receive Free Cosmetic Makeup Brush!

Mettalusso Media Subscribe and Receive a Free Cosmetic Makeup Brush

Subscribe to Mettalusso Media and get a FREE Cosmetic Brush! Mettalusso is fun entertainment and the home of Mettie + Lunah's Forever Journey. Our emails are not just about selling you something. This is about entertainment. But of course, we do have some really cool products too. Enjoy the entertainment and enjoy the shopping.

Mettalusso Media Mettalusso's First Press!

Mettalusso Media Harvard University Press Interview
Mettalusso Media. Mettlusso gets its first piece of press during an interview with the Harvard Gazette. In the midst of the graduation ceremonies! Very exciting.